Miradoruro Portas do Sol

The most famous view over Lisbon, great for sunset photo-ops.

The most famous view over Lisbon, great for sunset photo-ops.

Largo Portas do Sol

This is the postcard shot of Lisbon – they don’t call it the gates of the sun for nothing. And with a glamorous view overlooking the the Tejo, the terra cotta roofs of Alfama, the beautiful two steeples of São Vicente de Fora, it’s no wonder. You’ll also most likely find Lisbon’s most charming busker playing his guitar here on a sunny afternoons alongside vendors of African trinkets, sunglasses, and of course, the occasional marriage proposal. It’s just a short walk from the Saint Jorge Castle where you can take advantage of the kiosk and its metal tables to sit and ogle the view a while.

Note: The kiosk is open daily from 11h – 22h.


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