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Portugal issued 2,600 visas in one year to ‘digital nomads’ from outside Europe | Público (PT)

Love 'em or hate 'em, they're here — and some appear to be pretty cool people.

Público wrote a comprehensive article on the trials and tribulations of foreign remote workers in Portugal a year after the introduction of the digital nomad visa, and how some of them aren’t merely here for a brief “workation” but want to make Portugal their home.

One major takeaway — the process of getting the visa hasn’t been easy for some, easy for others. Figuring out life here can also be complicated, but there are expats/digital nomads who make it a point to be a part of Portuguese communities in some cases entirely devoid of other foreigners, although they also seek out other remote workers from outside of Portugal for company, naturally.

One recent transplant to Madeira also has an interesting take on gentrification arising from digital nomads.

“On the mainland they are trying to change Portugal; not here — we are trying to establish ourselves with the community”, said Zeeshan Sabqi, 32 years old, who arrived to Madeira’s capital Funchal in June.

You can read the article if you have a Público subscription.

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