rough destroyed plane cabin after accident on snow

Portugal launches TAP airline privatization, to sell at least 51% | Reuters

“The content of the decree contemplates objectives for TAP growth, national hub growth, growth and employment within the aviation sector, better utilization of national airports and pricing,” Finance Minister Fernando Medina told reporters, according to Reuters.

Better utilization of pricing or better pricing or…? Whatever the hell that means, let’s hope this privatization goes just as well as the one of Portugal’s national postal service.

Let’s take a moment to peruse what CTT, the country’s postal service, has been up to since going private, which of course means more efficient, better-run, profitable, since that’s what private enterprise vs. state enterprise means, right? Right?

Just from this year:

March 2023: Portuguese post office launches crypto stamp and NFT (Yes, they did that. Good investment? As a report revealed last week, “The vast majority of NFTs are now worthless,” according to The Guardian.)

February 2023: Portugal’s postal service to stop selling scratchcards (Yes, because they did, really! And at least one location had the poor staff go outside into the line of people during the Covid-19 pandemic trying to peddle those scratch cards. Classy!)

The TAP privatization will result in a much better airline, clearly.

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