Portugal Opens COVID Vaccine Signups to Those 45 and Older, But Not Yet Those 40-44

Vaccination was due to begin for those 40 and older starting today, but the scheduling platform still only allows those 45 or older to sign up as of this morning.

Illustration by Bogdan Kamuta

The Portuguese health authorities have opened the COVID vaccination scheduling platform to those 45 to 49 years old on June 4.

People in that age group can go to https://covid19.min-saude.pt/pedido-de-agendamento/ to select the location and date that’s convenient for them, with the health authorities then contacting them by text message confirming the date, time, and location.

Previously, the platform was only open to those 50 or older.

Anecdotal evidence Atlas picked up this weekend suggests that you may not be able to get the date you want — but likely something within a short time from it.

Those 40 or older were going to start getting vaccinated today, on June 6. As of 10h45, the scheduling platform is still only open to those 45 and over.

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Presumably, those 40 or older will start getting contacted directly by their health centers, as per the plan, Express writes. Those in their 30s are scheduled to start getting vaccinated on June 20, as reported. And people in their 20s are now projected to begin getting shots in August, the vaccination task force announced on Tuesday.

In March, meanwhile, Portugal extended vaccinations even to those who aren’t registered with a health center, and even to illegal immigrants.

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