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Portugal orders Sam Altman’s Worldcoin to halt data collection | Reuters

Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency from OpenAI founder Sam Altman that’s been using ominous-looking “Orbs” to scan people’s irises in exchange for free crypto, will have to stop doing that to people in Portugal for 90 days, according to Reuters.

“Portugal’s data regulator, the CNPD, said there was a high risk to citizens’ data protection rights, which justified urgent intervention to prevent serious harm,” Reuters writes.

Worldcoin has already scanned over 300,000 people in Portugal, the CNPD said, according to Reuters.

As of Wednesday, Worldcoin was running its orbs in Argentina, Chile, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the U.S., according to the company’s website. Worldcoin has more than 4.5 million “unique humans” — as opposed to….? — in 120 countries, who have made close to 40 million transactions to date using the company’s app, according to the company. 

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