Portugal Ranks Highest for Preferred Travel Destinations

Portugal is ahead of Italy, France, and Greece in two new surveys — and Braga appears to be the city to visit this year.

Portugal’s struggling tourism sector is likely to get a boost this year, if confinement measures allow, of course: the country’s ranking is at the very top in two recent surveys.

Portugal was ranked the best European country to visit overall on a survey by European Best Destinations, an independent organization based in Brussels that promotes tourism in Europe, whose site receives over six million visitors per year, according to Publiturus.

The organization also did a ranking of top destinations of 2021 and awarded Braga the top spot — ahead of Rome, Cavtat in Croatia, Florence, Sibiu in Romania, and Paris. Braga, according to the publication, is best for a city break, as well as for “gourmets,” families, history lovers and… shopping fans and Instagrammers.

Meanwhile, a survey by the travel website Travelzoo found that Spaniards rank Portugal as their preferred foreign destination, ahead of Italy, France and Greece — although most Spaniards still prefer Spain overall for traveling, according to Publituris.

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