Portugal Re-Elects Marcelo as President

Marcelo took 60% of the votes, while the populist leader of the Chega! party André Ventura garnered 12%, coming in third after Marcelo and Ana Gomes.

Amid surging COVID-19 deaths and a strict confinement, many Portuguese abstained from voting — but those who did make it the polls, or had poll workers come to them, have given incumbent Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa a definitive victory as the country’s President for one more term. 
The 72-year-old former law professor and TV personality who’s been President of the republic for the past five years took around 61% of the votes, with 99.91% of the freguesias reporting as of 8h30 on Monday. 

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Ana Gomes, from the Socialist party (PS), came in second, with approximately 13% of the votes, and the populist André Ventura took third place, with around 12%. 

But only 39.49% of the country’s 10.8 million registered voters cast their ballots this year, down from 49% last year, according to the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. That’s despite restrictions on movement being lifted on Sunday to allow people to get to the polls. 

On Sunday, Direção-Geral de Saude reported 11,721 new cases of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours and 275 more COVID-related deaths, which was a new daily record. The day before, Portugal hit a daily record for the number of new cases over the preceding 24 hours, with 15,333.

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