Portugal Saw a Big Hike In Cyber Attacks in 2020

As millions began to work from home, the number of attacks rose, with the government and the banking sector being prime targets.

Portugal experienced a 79% increase in cyber crimes in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to the Centro Nacional de Cibersegurança (National Cybersecurity Center), Lusa reports.  

Officials documented a total of 1,347 attacks last year, which the center says was a result of the confinement during the pandemic: as millions began to work from home, the number of attacks increased — and there is no indication that they will subside, according to Lusa.

The governmental sector was the most affected by the attacks, with a total of 626 incidents reported. This was followed by the banking sector, which reported 229 cases. 

The banking sector has been under considerable attack this past year, and malware out of Brazil has already affected seven banks in Portugal, Pplware reports.

The malware, named “Bizarro,” is behind attacks against 70 banks in Europe and South America. Bizarro has been distributed through MSI (Microsoft Installer) packages, which are downloaded by victims through links sent in spam emails.

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