Portugal set to u-turn on golden visa axe? | International Advisor

It wouldn't be the first time. Or the second.

“Portugal’s Socialist Party, which holds the parliamentary majority, has reportedly put forward a proposal to amend the Mais Habitação (More Housing) Bill that will look to keep the golden visa scheme open,” according to International Advisor.

We know, unbelievable, right?

Well. No, it’s actually exactly what was expected:

from October 2020: Golden Visas to End in Lisbon 

from December the same year: Golden Visa Residency Seekers Get More Time to Buy in Lisbon and Porto 

from February 2021: Portugal’s Golden Visa Restrictions Pushed Back to 2022 — Lisbon and Porto Are Still for Sale

from last June: Portuguese Parliament Rejects Ending Golden Visa Scheme, Socialist Party Calls for ‘Evaluation’ 

And then this year:

Portugal To End Golden Visas, For Real This Time, Seriously (February 2023)

and then

Government backs down on Golden Visa rules (April 2023)

Golden visa will never die!

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