UPDATE: Portugal Drops Mask Requirement, Except on Transport, Health Services, More

You'll still have to don the mask in your Uber or bus ride to that maskless party, and also when visiting grandma at the old folks' home, and also at hospitals.

As of today, April 22, 2022, more than two years after the Covid-19 pandemic began, Portugal no longer requires the use of masks… well, sort of.

No more masks in bars, shops, restaurants, outdoor gatherings — hooray!

But masks are still required in healthcare establishments, residential or foster care facilities for vulnerable populations or elderly people, and transport — and in addition to public transit, that also includes airplanes, taxis, and Uber and other ride-hailing vehicles, according to Diário da República, the Portugal government’s official publication.

But for the love of freedom and seeing faces again, please wear a mask if you develop symptoms, yeah?

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