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Portugal’s 10 Most Expensive Streets (€2.7 Million and Up for an Average Apartment)

Real estate listing behemoth Idealista did an analysis of average property prices by street. We’ll get right to it:

  1. Rua Garrett, Lisbon, Santa Maria Maior (Chiado)
  2. Rua Melo e Sousa, Cascais e Estoril
  3. Rua das Palmeiras, Cascais e Estoril
  4. Rua Vítor Cordon, Lisbon, Santa Maria Maior (Chiado)
  5. Condominio Herdade da Aroeira, Setúbal, Charneca da Caparica e Sobreda
  6. Avenida General Carmona, Cascais e Estoril
  7. Rua birre, Cascais e Estoril
  8. Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, Lisbon, Alvalade
  9. Rua de Buenos Aires, Lisbon (Estrela)
  10. Urbanização Pine Cliffs, Faro

The average price of a listing on Rua Garrett is a cool €4.4 million. On the sexily named Urbanização Pine Cliffs, meanwhile, the average price is a mere €2.7 million. Idealista clarifies additionally that those are not the most expensive listings, just the average price on that street. Happy shopping!

P.S. In other news, “the average value of wages declared to Social Security” in Portugal in May, according to Idealista, was up a whopping 6.3% from May last year.

It’s reached €1,358, according to Idealista.

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