Portugal’s 23h Curfew to End Sunday, Restaurants Can Stay Open to 02h

And for fans of dancing with sweaty strangers: nightclubs are projected to open in October!

Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa delivered some excellent news for fans of the nightlife an anyone else who wanted to be out and about after 11pm: as of this Sunday, Aug. 1, the curfew that’s been in effect for several weeks is being lifted, Costa said at a news conference on Thursday.

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But wait, there’s more: Restaurants can now stay open until 2am! Although you’ll still need a digital vaccination certificate to dine inside on the weekend — but not during the week. 

And sports fans, rejoice, you can now again go watch live sports, although details are lacking for now.

Costa said that the country is able to lift restrictions thanks in large part to the accelerated rate of vaccination — around half of the people living in Portugal, including immigrants, are now fully vaccinated, and as of this week, anyone over 18 can request an appointment online.

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According to the recent three-stage plan, masks will no longer be mandatory when outdoors starting in September, except in crowded situations. 

And if all goes according to plan with vaccination targets, nightclubs and bars that have remained closed for more than a year now could possibly reopen in October. 

The bad news? Remote work is no longer mandatory as of next week, and since no one seems to have paid attention to the idea that we had a chance to rethink working hours during the pandemic, well… Welcome back, rush-hour traffic!

More information, in Portuguese, is here: https://covid19estamoson.gov.pt/fases-do-levantamento-das-restricoes/

NOTE: The English option is available on that page, but as of Friday morning hasn’t been updated to the most recent measures, so just Google translate if you need to.

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