UPDATE: Portugal’s New Digital Nomad Visa Requires Min €2,820 in Monthly Earnings, Not €700

It'll take a bigger income to get that visa here than in, say, Hungary or Croatia but less than in Iceland or the Netherlands.

Updated Oct. 10, 2022

To get a digital nomad visa in Portugal, non-European Union citizens will need to prove that they earn four times the national minimum wage, according to recently released conditions on Portugal.gov.

Portugal’s 2022 minimum wage is technically €705, so you’ll need to show three months’ worth of checks or contracts equivalent to €2,820 or more a month.

(Note to those wondering how people can afford to live here: annual income in Portugal is paid out in a slightly different way than what you may be used to, making the effective minimum monthly wage €823, according to Eurostat. Which is enough to rent a studio in Lisbon!)

The digital nomad visa opens up starting Oct. 30 and will grant successful applicants a one-year stay or a chance to get residency.

As of Monday, Oct.10, the new requirements on Portugal.gov are only available in Portuguese, but an English version may become available.

We here at Atlas would love to hear about your experience with the Portuguese consulate in your country as far as the digital nomad or any other visa. Tell us how it went.

Editors’ note: An earlier article from The Guardian stated that Portugal was requiring just €700 in monthly earnings.

Portugal does indeed only require €7,200 in annual income for D7 visas — but those visas, as Insider points out, require the income to come from passive investments, such as real estate or company shares (Editors’ note: or retirement income from a pension, for example).

Among the rest — 16 European countries have visa programs aimed at digital nomads — The Guardian showed the following:

Spain: around €2000

Croatia: €2300

Estonia and Greece: €3500

Iceland: €7100

On Oct. 8, Bussines Insider quoted Joana Mendonça, the head of legal at Global Citizen Solutions, as saying that Spain and Italy are setting up their income requirements for digital nomads to be between €2,500 and €3,000 per month.

Malta requires €2700 in monthly income, Hungary wants to see just €2000, while the Netherlands wants only digital nomads whose work is essential to the country’s economy — and who make €2,634.30 in gross profit per month or more, according to Insider.


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