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Portugal’s far-right party gains support ahead of March election — and marches in Largo de Camões in Lisbon

“Portugal’s far-right Chega party jumped to 21% of voting intentions in a new opinion poll” after jumping 6%, according to Reuters.

Previously: Portugal’s far-right Chega to seek government role to break election deadlock

On Saturday, February 3, meanwhile, right-wingers of the group 1143 — that’s the year Portugal was founded — took to Largo de Camões to express their feelings, after being denied permission to march in the immigrant-heavy Mouraria and Martim Moniz. They were led by the infamous Mário Machado, a serial founder, if you will, of extreme-right groups and a convicted criminal who’s spent time in jail and is facing all kinds of accusations still.

RPT has a good video of the proceedings, complete with Sieg Heil salutes, burning torches, and other fun things we’ve come to expect from these types of gatherings.

Five years ago almost to the day, by the way, we covered a march led by Machado from Rato to the Parliament. That march in 2019 had about 40 to 50 participants, our correspondent estimated at the time.

The march on Saturday had around 200, according to Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP), Diário de Notícias wrote, although CNN Portugal put the number at 100 (and has a pretty good video).

The counter-march in Intendente that was taking place at the same time — whose motto was “Immigrants welcome” and “April 25 always, fascism never again” — had about 500 people.

Força, Portugal!

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