PSA: Give Blood (If You Can Figure Out How)

The Portuguese Blood and Transplantation Institute (IPST) has warned that there is a shortage of type A and O blood in the country. Thus, they are calling on all you fine people to step up to the plate, roll up your sleeves, and nibble icing-caked cookies as they drain off a completely reasonable amount of your blood.

While A and O are suffering the largest shortfall at the moment — partly since they are the most common groups in the country — it is a good idea to donate whatever your type, so don’t think you can shirk your duty just because you’re sitting pretty with your AB Positive.

According to a statement sent out by the president of IPST, Maria Antónia Escoval, the blood reserves can suffer at this time of year due to the weather and the spread of flu, but right now the reserves for O and A are actually unable to meet the needs of the country.

If you’re interested to see the blood reserve levels of each group, there is a handy graphic on the front page of (which means donor). However, if you are hoping to get any information beyond this, then you’re out of luck since the site seems intent on stopping you donating. To give you an idea, when you click Onde dar (where to donate), you are greeted with a completely blank map. Yep.

Luckily, with some rummaging, they do have lists that seem to work, although we can’t vouch for their accuracy. Go HERE, select your city (probably Lisbon), and the date you’re looking for, and you will be given a list of places you can go. Don’t be scared by the fact that the site also continually throws up a geolocation error, that just seems to be their style.

Now, go forth and donate in spite of the technological hurdles that seem intent on making that nearly impossible.

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