RIP – Quintal Garden Bar

Drink with the ducks and chat with your chums.

Drink with the ducks and chat with your chums.

R. Portas de Santo Antão 110
+351 960 308 525
Daily, 17h – 4h

Updated 2018: Quintal is now closed for good. No one knows what became of the ducks. 

The Quintal Garden Bar sits atop a semi-abandoned interior basketball court of an elementary school that is no longer in operation. The service is decent enough for your one euro copo (cup). It’s a good place to go for groups as there’s plenty of space on the outdoor patio. If you’re looking for a little zen, check out the ducks, cats, and other critters running around behind the fence. They don’t call it “the farm” for nothing. If you’re keen on playing games, there’s a foosball table there. Note: you might want to avoid playing for the blue team, you’re on a slope and at a terrible disadvantage.

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