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Av. Gomes Pereira 91B, 1500-332
+351 938 245 433, website
Daily, 10h – 18h

This bike shop/heaven, formerly in Parque Naçoes, before that in Santos — and previously also known as Grémios — is a very special place indeed. And it’s all thanks to Vitor, the very knowledgeable and talented owner. When we brought him various bicycle problems and strange special requests, not only did he get the work done ahead of schedule (every time!), he invented custom bits and bobs to fix things when needed. More than one friend has bought one of the many Vitor-modified custom bikes, and not only do they ride like a dream, they’re quite the lookers — see some of them here. We feel good about giving this shop our business, and you will too, for sure.

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