Flea and Artist Markets in Lisbon

Lisbon is home to more and more street markets, and each of them has something worth recommending — see our top picks, updated for 2024.

In the rhythm of Lisbon’s urban life lies a heartbeat that echoes through the labyrinth of its markets. And by venturing into them, you can uncover what Lisbon is all about: the city’s true character, its hopes, its struggles, its aesthetics, and its resilience. So get to it! Here’s a handy list to ensure you’re at the right place at the right time.

  • Feira da Ladra (Thieves’ Market):
    • Location: Campo de Santa Clara (Graça) see map
    • Schedule: Every Tuesday and Saturday until 17h.
    • Description: Looking for a random piece of hardware, a new pair of socks, a carved wooden bookend, a few antique postcards, the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album on vinyl, and a copper kettle? You might not want to miss this one. Feira da Ladra is one of Lisbon’s oldest flea markets where you can find anything from antiques and clothing to books, jewelry, and souvenirs. But watch your wallet — this isn’t called the thieves’ market for nothing. Also, bartering is totally acceptable here, so go for it, just don’t expect to win.
  • Alfarrabistas Book Fair:
    • Location: Rua da Anchieta (Chiado) see map
    • Schedule: Every Saturday, 10h to 17h
    • Description: Head to Chiado to dive into a treasure trove of comics, recent editions, illustrated postcards, maps, and leather-bound tomes. You never know what you might find!
  • Ribeira Saturday Market:
    • Location: Mercado da Ribeira (Cais do Sodré) see map
    • Schedule: Every Saturday until 14h
    • Description: This is yet another reason to visit Mercado da Ribeira (a.k.a. TimeOut Market). In addition to the food court, flowers, produce, and fish galore, on Saturday mornings you’ll find rare coin and stamp dealers, art, books, and the occasional antique or two.
  • Intendente Handicraft and Flea Market:
    • Location: Largo do Intendente (Intendente) see map
    • Schedule: The first Saturday of each month.
    • Description: In the heart of Lisbon’s most multicultural neighborhood, you’ll find a variety of gastronomic goodies, organic products, artisan crafts, and second-hand stalls. Expect plenty of buskers, tasty treats, and a lively vibe.
  • Benfica Crafts Fair:
    • Location: Estrada de Benfica (Benfica) see map
    • Schedule: The first Saturday of each month.
    • Description: Visit one of Lisbon’s oldest residential neighborhoods to walk through this crafts fair featuring artists selling small ceramics, crochet thingamabobs, handmade soap, delicious jams and compotes, and more.
  • Príncipe Real Flea Market and Mercado Biológico (Farmer’s Market):
    • Location: Jardim França Borges (Príncipe Real) see map
    • Schedule: Flea Market: Last Saturday and Monday of each month. Organic Market: Every Saturday morning.
    • Description: While the farmer’s market focuses on organic and locally sourced products, the flea market is known for its handmade fashion, textiles, and crafts. You can also find stalls full of books, records, and antiques, should that be your thing.
  • Feira do Relógio Flea Market
    • Location: Av. Santo Condestável (Chelas) see map
    • Schedule: Every Sunday until 13h
    • Description: With over 450 stalls, this is Lisbon’s largest flea market, and it’s been a Sunday tradition for many Lisboetas for over 50 years. Expect to find food trucks galore, fresh flowers, bedding, shoes, textiles, clothes, undergarments, slippers, toys, antiquities, and a lively atmosphere.
  • LX Factory Flea Market
    • Location: LX Factory (Alcântara) see map
    • Schedule: Every Sunday.
    • Description: Who’s in for brunch and vintage shopping? Here you can find unique, curated, handmade wearables and stare-ables on a narrow cobblestone street flanked with boutiques, bookshops, and loads of studios and restaurants. Strap on your Hershel and lace up your Doc Martins…this fair is just what you’ve been craving.
  • CCB Market
    • Location: Centro Cultural Belém (Belém) see map
    • Schedule: The first Sunday of each month.
    • Description: The CCB Market has dozens of vendors specializing in a wide range of products. There are those focused on gastronomy with handmade patés, cured cheeses, dried fruit, and bio honey and herbs while others focus on wearable art, upcycled contemporary handicrafts, and more from local Portuguese brands and producers.
  • Belém Flea Market
    • Location: Praça do Império Gardens (Belém) see map
    • Schedule: The first and third Sunday or each month.
    • Description: Vendors here sell antiques, cameras, books, and tourist trinkets alike, and it’s accepted practice to bargain for your buy. If you’re looking for an antique copper kettle or a charm for your bracelet, this is the place to go. Prices can range from several centimos to several hundred Euros, so make sure you have enough cash on hand as you’re not likely to find a vendor that will take Visa or Mastercard.
  • Feria das Almas by Anjos70 Art & Flea Market: website
    • Location: 8 Marvila (Marvila) see map and A11 Galleries (Alvalade) see map
    • Schedule: First and third weekends of each month.
    • Description: Despite being hailed as the funkiest, most alternative market in Lisbon, the former Feira das Almas run by the nonprofit association Anjos70 was forced to close down its HQ in 2020. Luckily, they’ve found two new locations (between which they rotate) where you can see what all the fuss was about. In both locations, there are over 60 stalls full of clothing, jewelry, and fine and decorative art. Check their Instagram to sort out which location the next one is happening.
  • FeirAlegria Urban Crafts Show
    • Location: Praça da Alegria (Santo António/Avenida) see map
    • Schedule: First and third weekends of each month.
    • Description: Check out this chic little market in Jardim Alfredo Keil where you can find crafts, sculpture, jewelry, screen-printed textiles, and paintings by local artists and cultural association representatives. Peppered around the market, you can find a few yoga booths, artist workshops, a massage table, and even meditation spaces if shopping gives you anxiety.
  • Avenida Flea Market
    • Location: Avenida Liberdade (Avenida) see map
    • Schedule: The second weekend of each month. (May – October: the second weekend and fourth Thursday and Saturday of each month)
    • Description: Cruise down Lisbon’s fanciest avenue to peruse the stalls in one of the city’s older fairs there traditional crafts meet antiques and organic and gourmet products. Ditch the luxury shops and buy local!
  • Pehna de França Urban Market
    • Location: Praça Paiva Couceiro (Penha de França) see map
    • Schedule: The last weekend of every month.
    • Description: Discover the latest creations by various artists in the form of crafts, jewelry, fashion, painting, photography, illustration, and more. Take a leisurely stroll exploring the market and once you’ve had your fill, check out the stunning view from the miradouro.

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