Red Cross Offers Rapid and Molecular Tests, Free with Prescription, 20€-65€ Without

Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa is offering tests at centers around the country, or at home or place of work. Even if you don't have a prescription, the tests are considerably cheaper than what most other labs are charging.

Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa has set up a large testing facility in Lisbon, and has several others around the country you can see on this map, where you can get tested with or without a prescription between 9h and 18h Monday to Saturday. Cruz Vermelha also offers testing at your home or work location for an additional fee.

The rapid test, with results in just 15 minutes, is 20€ (with a detection rate of about 93% to 97%) — and you don’t even need to get out of your car (or Uber?) for this one if you visit one of the centers.

Depending on your needs — certain airlines may not accept the rapid test, for example — Cruz Vermelha also offers the molecular test for 60€ to 65€, with results in 12 to 48 hours.

Both tests can be administered at your home, for an extra fee that depends on the number of tests and the distance from the center to your home. You can read about the fee here.

If you have a prescription from SNS for a test, you can get both types of tests for free. To read about getting a prescription, read Melissa Haun’s post here.

In addition, employers can set up tests in bulk with Cruz Vermelha for their workers, and the tests can be performed at the place of work, for an additional fee of 5€ for the molecular test, plus 50€ activation fee for fewer than 50 tests, 30€ extra for tests performed on the weekends or between the hours of 20h and 8h, and an additional 0.60€ per km for tests performed more than 25 km away from a testing center.

Whatever your needs, you’ll have to make an appointment, which you can do online at or by calling 1415.

And considering that Cruz Vermelha’s tests are far less expensive than many other private Portuguese labs’, maybe consider making a donation — of money, or your time, as a volunteer.

For other centers offering tests without a prescription, and to learn what to expect, you can read Eden Flaherty’s post here.

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