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Reflector #11: dEUS – “The Soft Fall”

“Reflector” is a series Atlas correspondent David Soares has undertaken to bring to your attention songs by non-Portuguese bands inspired — in many cases, rather mysteriously — by the westernmost European nation.

Ever since the mid-’90s, with their exciting first three LPs – Worst Case Scenario, In A Bar Under The Sea and The Ideal Crash – dEUS have had a huge fanbase in Portugal (this atheist included). The Belgian band from Antwerp is a regular feature on festival line-ups here and its members are regular visitors. Tom Barman has been often spotted in Bairro Alto (Tom Barman being their frontman, not some random barman named Tom, which in Bairro Alto would not be as noteworthy) and he has found his own base in Sesimbra. The sunny track “The Soft Fall,” from their aptly named Following The Sea of 2012, starts with these lines:

A sunset is just a sunset
But driving with you over the ’25th of April Bridge’
Now that’s a ride
So let’s go

And the video, which looks like the sample of an Erasmus beach party, was also shot here:

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