Reflector #14: The Tallest Man On Earth – “Sagres”

Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Madsson once confided that this is where he and his ex-wife decided to get a divorce.

“Reflector” is series undertaken by Atlas correspondent David Soares to bring to your attention songs by non-Portuguese bands inspired — in many cases, rather mysteriously — by the westernmost European nation.

Tallest Man On Earth, moniker for Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Madsson, once mentioned that the writing of his 2015 album Dark Bird Is Home started in Portugal. On the sadder note, he also confided that this is where he and his ex-wife decided to get a divorce. So the single “Sagres” — the first off the album — has in its lyrics what seems to describe the end of a relationship and enough metaphors to suggest a land’s end scenery. Just like the town lying at the southwestern tip of mainland Portugal. Either this, or the Tallest Man On Earth hates Super Bock…


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