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Reflector #2: Lilicub

“Reflector” is a series Atlas correspondent David Soares has undertaken to bring to your attention songs by non-Portuguese bands inspired — in many cases, rather mysteriously — by the westernmost European nation.

LILICUB – “Lisbonne”

Lilicub were a pop trio formed in early 90’s with a strong jazz background that ended up as the duo of Benoit Carré and Catherine Diran. Their recognition peaked with a nomination for best breakthrough act in the 1997 French music awards (Victoires de la Musique). Their 2001 release (Zoom) was conceived like the score to a film and the track “Lisbonne” almost at the beginning sets the scenery for the rest of the album. The city is depicted here behind the screen of a dark misty horizon on the edge of the world. There’s even some Portuguese spoken, in a rather Gallic-toned Brazilian accent. In fact, Bossa Nova is an influence sporadically noticeable in their repertoire.

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