Reflector #21: Claus & Clausen – “Lisboa”

Casper Clausen and Gaspar Claus met in, yes, Lisbon, to make this track.

“Reflector” is series undertaken by Atlas correspondent David Soares to bring to your attention songs by non-Portuguese bands inspired — in many cases, rather mysteriously — by the westernmost European nation.

Casper Clausen has made Lisbon his home for the past few years from Denmark via Berlin. It only took his will to head south and the good word from friends to convince him.

When he’s not touring, the frontman of the worldwide-acclaimed Efterklang — and the more dance-prone Liima — spends his time between Bairro Alto and his studio in Cacilhas, across the river. His immersion into the city went swimmingly, it seems: he once complained about mass tourism and gentrification in an interview, already speaking like a true Lisboeta. He described Lisbon  as somewhere he “feels connected to the world’” with “everything he needs: ports, airport, cultural life, and a diversity never seen anywhere else, the history of [former] colonies is everywhere, in restaurant, streets, people, there’s a vibration from the South that goes beyond Portugal.” (Source: Up Magazine)
This is also where he met French cellist Gaspar Claus — who has collaborated with musicians from all over world from flamenco guitarists to Japanese experimental artists — and they teamed up to record their namesake Claus & Clausen, where one can find “Lisboa.”

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