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Reflector #24: Populous – “Azulejos”

“Reflector” is a series by Atlas correspondent David Soares about songs by non-Portuguese bands inspired — in many cases, rather mysteriously — by the westernmost European nation.

A couple of years ago, respected Italian producer and electronic musician Populous, a.k.a Andrea Mangia, had an appetite for cumbia, the Colombian rhythmic genre, but not only. He wanted to introduce influences from other latitudes in his new album. Lisbon seemed to be the perfect place for that, so he came to spend several months here:

“Portugal was the best place where to make such an album because it is at a crossroad between Europe, Brazil, and Africa. And the music I wanted to make was exactly the one originating from the coming together of these three cultures. I think Lisbon is musically the most interesting place where to be at the moment, where something brand new is brewing. See what Branko and his label Enchufada are doing, for instance“ (Rhythm & Passport – January 2018).

The result is aptly named Azulejos, which also includes tracks such as “Alfama”, “Voz Serena”, “Caparica,” and “Crú” featuring Nina Miranda from Smoke City.

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