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June 12, 2020 by David Soares

Reflector #3: Russian Circles – “Lisboa”

We love Portugal and we love music. So, we made a list of tunes inspired by Portugal. This series is about those impressions translated into sound by foreigners and this is the third of the series.

Russian Circles are a Chicago trio made up of guitarist Mike Sullivan, Brian Cook on bass and Dave Turncrantz on drums. They play mostly metal-flavored instrumentals.  Guidance, their 2016 output, closed with the track “Lisboa”. The name simply boils down to the fact that it was put together by Mike Sullivan while the band happened to be in Lisbon. Russian Circles are indeed regular visitors to this country with often sold-out gigs. And apparently they tend to be memorable ones, like when the excess of stage fog set off the smoke alarms. The last two concerts were supposed to have taken place as recently as last month, but they were canceled because of you know what….

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