Reflector #30: Durutti Column- “Amigos Em Portugal”

A collaboration between Manchester's Durutti Column and Portuguese writer and journalist Miguel Esteves Cardoso resulted in this 1983 instrumental.

The Durutti Column — the band of brilliant guitarist Vini Reilly and drummer Bruce Mitchell — was one of the major stakes out of Manchester label Factory Records, created by the charismatic and legendary Tony Wilson. The time of their early records coincides with the stint of Portuguese writer and journalist Miguel Esteves Cardoso in that city in a post-industrial hangover. They first connected there and then. Eventually, Durutti Column played an acclaimed performance at Vilar de Mouros festival in 1982 and Lisbon’s Aula Magna in 1983. That same year, the friendship prompted the idea of a record under the newly founded label Fundação Atlântica of Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Pedro Ayres Magalhães (Corpo Diplomático, Heróis Do Mar, Madredeus) and the late Ricardo Camacho (Sétima Legião), whose purpose was to become the equivalent of Factory Records in Portugal.

The album Amigos Em Portugal  was recorded on a flying visit within a single day. It has the trademark melancholic and fairy-like guitar of Vini Reilly and contains tracks such as “Lisboa”, “Menina ao Pé Duma Piscina” (Girl By A Pool), “Estoril À Noite” (Estoril At Night), “Sara E Tristana” (Miguel Esteves Cardoso’s twin daughters), “Vestido Amarrotado” (Creased Dress), “Saudade,” and the title track, “Amigos Em Portugal”:

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