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Reflector #33: Panda Bear – “Benfica”

Noah Lennox a.k.a. Animal Collective band member a.k.a. Panda Bear has been living in Lisbon for a good number of years now. He moved here after meeting his wife on a tour.

But it’s not the only passion he ended up finding here: football and more particularly Benfica is another one. So much so that in his 2011 Tomboy, he dedicated a song to the club that had then, to the surprise of many, the biggest (paying) fanbase in the world.

And the lyrics could easily rival the club’s official anthem:

Some might say that
To win’s not all that it’s about
It’s just not something to say
But there is nothing more true
Or natural than wanting to win
There’s nothing more to life
Nothing more to life

He also recorded a track called “Príncipe Real”

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