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Reflector #36: Paul Banks – “Lisbon”

The name Paul Banks might not ring a bell to most, but the band he fronts, yes. Interpol —  who has successfully reproduced a Joy Division-esque post-punk sound, with their own early noughties NYC touch – have repeatedly found loving crowds at the many festivals they headlined in Portugal.
In 2012, after a debut under the pseudonym Julian Plenti, Banks released the first solo album in his own name, the reliably titled Banks. “Lisbon” is one of two instrumentals contained there, and this is how Paul Banks described it:

“I named it Lisbon because the word and the place seemed to suit the mood of the music. Concerning the title, I felt that to indicate anything more specific than an atmosphere – like those that sometimes define a place in one’s mind – would distract from the song. I think naming a song after a place is like an invitation” (Source: Drowned In Sound, 26/10/2012)

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