Reflector #45: John Stubblefield – “A Night In Lisbon”

The great saxophonist who played with Miles Davis and had a former U.S. president visit him on his deathbed clearly had a great night in Lisbon at some point.

John Stubblefield, a saxophonist born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, was highly respected by his contemporaries, in part as a result of his numerous and diverse collaborations throughout his career, including with the likes of Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Tito Puente, and Solomon Burke. That regard extended to dilettantes such as fellow saxophonist and Arkansan Bill Clinton, the former U.S. president who visited him on his deathbed.
The invigorating “A Night In Lisbon” is from Morning Song of 1995, the last LP recorded in his own name. There isn’t much information left on the story behind this track, but it seems fitting as there are many Lisbon nights that cause amnesia the morning after anyway….

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