Reflector #46: Slim & The Beast – “Lisbon”

Endless summers, as exemplified by a song by the this Paris-based folk-rock band.

Slim & The Beast are an American folk-rock trio (one-sixth French, one-sixth Spanish really), based in Paris. Their major influences are audible in that Californian feel, rich in vocal harmonies, and “Lisbon,” a single released in 2019, is a good example of that. It is described by the band as the result of a surf trip to Portugal, the first co-written  — within one afternoon — by all three members.
The video is very suggestive of that yearning for endless summers we’ve all felt at some point in our lives, precisely because summers are not endless, fortunately. It was shot at Baleal beach in Peniche, so not much to do with Lisbon, really, but they probably needed the airport to get there — merry van rides can only last so long.

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