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Reflector #9: Metro-Ongen – “Lisbon”

“Reflector” is series Atlas correspondent David Soares has undertaken to bring to your attention songs by non-Portuguese bands inspired — in many cases, rather mysteriously — by the westernmost European nation.

Metro-Ongen is a Tokyo quartet formed a little under two decades ago — enough longevity for them to garner a considerable loyal fanbase. Dreamy melodies paired with vocal harmonies define their sound bordering on shoegaze, which can be found on Eden, their fifth album, released in 2011. Unsurprisingly, it was produced by David Naughton, who had previously worked for Teenage Fanclub  and Belle and Sebastian.
The well-picked single “Lisbon” is a love song, that much we know, but nowhere in the lyrics is Lisbon mentioned (I got help from a Japanese source on this one). So, whether it is connected to the city or not will remain an enigma, unless any reader can help solve it. We’re taking calls.

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