Restaurante Flor da Estrela

A traditional cafe near the park with excellent specials at great prices

Rua de Joao de Deus, 11
213 967 278
Mon – Fri, 12h – 23h; Sat, closed; Sun, 12h – 16h

The chicken, pork, and beef entrees will make you crave more simplicity in your life once you taste the no-frills excellent typical dishes on special here for lunch or dinner. The octopus is cooked elegantly with the traditional olive oil, garlic, and cilantro but somehow it’s been done better than usual. Perhaps the amount of care used in these delicious recipes has been doubled? The staff seems to have been there forever— from the cook to the waiter and you can tell their way of doing things has been developed after many years in service. The lunch specials are affordable and big enough for two to share. The house wine is simple but delicious, and the atmosphere is charming enough to keep you coming back.

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