Retrosaria Bijou

Trimmings sold in an art-nouveau hole in the wall

Trimmings sold in an art-nouveau hole in the wall

Rua da Conceição, 91
+351 213 425 049, website
Mon – Fri, 9h30 – 19h; Sat, 9h30 – 13h; Sun, closed

This store is a little art-nouveau treasure trove of trimmings. It’s small, but packed with shiny buttons, embroideries, and more. The shopping space is not what you would expect — it still carries an old-world approach, with most products located in the back room, so be sure you are comfortable pointing and miming if you don’t speak Portuguese. Prepare to see vintage items that are covered in dust and feel like a seamstress-version of Indiana Jones, but don’t think they don’t know how much these items are worth, because they certainly do. A set of glass buttons can run you upwards of 30€. While the entire street is littered with shops that carry similar trimming items, the façade and the selection (if you know what you’re looking for!) is what makes this one special.

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