Roman ruins discovered on Feira Popular site in Lisbon, but new construction project will proceed | Idealista (PT)

Roman ruins discovered on Feira Popular site in Lisbon, but new construction project will proceed | Idealista (PT)

Fidelidade, which bought the grounds of Lisbon's old Feira Popular, plans to proceed with its construction project after archeologists complete their work.

One of the country’s largest archaeological explorations is underway in Lisbon along Avenida da República, in the neighborhood of Entrecampos.

The company Fidelidade — which purchased the grounds of Lisbon’s old “Feira Popular” (amusement park) in 2018 from Câmara Municipal for around €240 million — uncovered Roman ruins underground two years ago. Archeologists are now extensively studying the site and mapping of the locale is underway.

But the ruins will not remain on site: a mixed-use construction project (that doesn’t include an amusement park, but has offices and apartments, etc.) will continue as planned once archeologists complete their dig, according to Idealista.

The old Feira Popular shut down in 2003. The city’s officials have been talking since 2015 about a new Feira Popular, to be constructed in the neighborhood of Carnide. As of March 2021, Mayor Fernando Medina’s office hasn’t even put out a tender for the project.

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