Santa Clara dos Cogumelos

If you like mushrooms, this spot above Feira da Ladra is a must-room.

471, Campo de Santa Clara 10
+351 913 043 302, website
Tue – Fri, 19h30 – 23h; Sat, 13h – 15h, 19h – 23h

There’s not much that vegetarians and carnivores agree on in terms of menu, but this place is the exception to the rule. Everything is made with mushrooms! And it’s a great way to hide from the madness of the market below you.

From beginning to end, even when it’s packed, everything runs smoothly and the food comes out prepared to perfection. Usually we avoid starters to save room for the main event, but not here — the croquettes are not to be missed. Try the ceviche for a surprisingly yummy mix of lime juice and fresh mushrooms, and savor the creamy mushroom soup while you’re at it. If you’re with a group, share the dim sum and/or the shrimp and shitake dish before diving in head-first to the pumpkin and mushroom gnocchi. Finish off the meal with a truffle crème brûlée and roll your way out the door, or stay and wash it all down with one of their many digestivos. Whatever your choice, you’ll be wanting to book a return visit soon. The space alone, with its dark, cozy, comfortable setup, is waiting to welcome you again and again.


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