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Getting Thrifty: The Second-Hand Stores of Lisbon

Vintage, up-cycled, second-hand, or just plain USED: whatever you call not-new clothes, here's where to find them in Lisbon, from bargain bins to boutiques.

Updated September 2022

Once, it took four people two hours to find one pair of pants. Why? Because we like our clothes second-hand but finding Lisbon’s thrift shops can be a tiresome endeavor. They are, however, out there — and with a little info, your treasure hunting can begin.

Calçada do Carmo: Ás de Espadas and newJester

There is a little street that swings down from Chiado to the Rossio steps that’s a second-hand goldmine. You have both Ás de Espadas (Ace of Spades), and newJester Vintage for Men (formerly Joker Vintage Store). Now, these aren’t cheap-as-you-like thrift shops, but they tend to go with quality over quantity.

Ás de Espadas: Calçada do Carmo 42, 1200-090 Lisboa
newJester Vintage for Men: Calçada do Carmo 59, 1200-092 Lisboa

A Outra Face da Lua (Baixa)

Really expensive wildly printed vintage jackets await! Not looking for something so loud? We’d go elsewhere, to be honest. This vintage shop was part of a wave of Lisbon establishments that realized they can survive recessions better if they do more than one thing. So here, you can grab a very well made coffee and a tasty treat while you shop for second-hand clothes. The selection is big, and the staff have historically color-coordinated the entire stock, which makes it easy to almost immediately know if they have what you need. A most impressive selection of accessories too. But, all that curating and color-coordinating means the prices here are higher than other less discerning vintage peddlers.
Location: R. Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa

Madame Surtô

This vintage store calls itself the largest by-the-kilo shop in the city, and they’re probably right. They’re also very good at making you part with your money, because the selection here is eclectic but the emphasis is on quality stuff (we have yet to come across a Springfield or Pull&Bear item here). If you’re a Levis fan in particular, this is the place to find your digs, and do it in style, because everything is very well marked and displayed in a reasonable manner. There’s also excellent gothy stuff, militaresque digs, Western attire, and much more. It may seem expensive, but it’s because the original items were pricy, not because they’re trying to pull a Feira da Ladra on you (see below).

Location: Calçada da Estrela 74A, 1200-665 Lisboa, Portugal

HUMANA (Various Locations)

Probably one of the most well-known second-hand stores in Lisbon, HUMANA is a chain with locations all over the city. There is normally a pretty solid selection of clothes for both men and women, with some branches having dedicated sports sections (that’s where you can pick up that police department running top you’ve always wanted). There are two branches that you are most likely to come across. Firstly, the one in Baixa, which is probably the most centrally located second-hand store in the city. Secondly, the Intendente store, which is hands down the better of the two, with more space, more stock, and fewer people. And continue walking up Almirante Reis from this location to find two more HUMANA stores.
Baixa Location: R. dos Fanqueiros 225, 1100-319 Lisboa
Intendente Location: Address: Av. Alm. Reis 26 A, 1150-018 Lisboa

Update 2022: There’s now one in Alcântara, and it’s a good one: R. 1º de Maio 12, 1300-113 Lisboa

Reuse (Madragoa)

Much of the clothing and bric-a-brac sold here is of the grandmother’s attic variety. So if it’s a fake strand of pearls, your Lidia from Beetlejuice Halloween costume, vintage wooden wedges, or a perfume atomizer you’re after, look no further.
Location: Rua da Esperança, 24, 1200-658 Lisboa

Feira da Ladra

This is not one for the faint of heart. The best deals tend to be inside massive piles, and there are certain rummaging requirements. But, piles means prizes, and there are bargains to be had. Take a big bag and set aside the entire afternoon to really make the most of the clothes on offer here. But beware that in the stalls where clothes are actually hung, prices have been getting ridiculous. More than once we found ourselves looking at a pair of pants from, say, H&M, and wondering — didn’t I see these for less at the actual store yesterday?! Yes. It’s not called the Thief’s Market for nothing.

Location: Campo de Santa Clara, 1100-472 Lisboa. Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Anjos 70 Market (Anjos)

You may already know Anjos 70 as it hosts a variety of cultural events (and rather cool parties) that often crop up on our calendar. Well, they also host the self-described “most alternative” market in Lisbon. The market is not only has clothes: stalls offer everything from arts and crafts, to workshops, to hipster tea.

Update 2022: The Anjos70 flea market is now a roaming endeavor, see where and when it’ll pop up next on their Instagram page:

Intendente Monthly Market (Intendente)

Another dangerously hip market is the Feira do Intendente, which takes place on the second Sunday of every month, from 10h to 18h. This is a mix of stalls with all the artsy bits and pieces you can imagine, including vintage clothes. The neighborhood is a hipster heaven and was once considered by many to be the frontline of gentrification in the city (it’s now gentrified). So, the prices are going to be a fair bit higher than the piles of Feira da Ladra.
Location: Largo do Intendente, Largo do Intendente Pina Manique, 1100-088 Lisboa

Retro Queen (Cacilhas)

This second-hand store favors army fatigues and Hawaiian shirts for men, purses and dresses for women. Unlike many used clothing stores, this one doesn’t have a musty smell permeating the product, is arranged somewhat logically, and the price per item seems reasonable. Don’t expect to come out looking like Macklemore, but if you search hard enough, you’ll certainly be able to find a killer ironic tee-shirt and maybe even some “Velcros.”
Location: Rua Cândido dos Reis 60a, 2800-269 Almada

If you know of any more that are worth a mention, let us know!

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