See How Your Neighbors Voted: Público Presents Portugal’s Election Numbers in Each Freguesia

A new interactive tool breaks down how the Portuguese voted in the 2021 Presidential election by parish, and reveals an interesting coincidence.

Marcelo has won by a landslide, yes.

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But the populist Chega! founder André Ventura — who had France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen come for a visit to support his campaign in Lisbon three weeks ago — garnered close to 12% in Portugal’s 2021 Presidential election. That’s only slightly below the 13% who voted for Ana Gomes, the Socialist party member who ran without official support from the party.

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You may be wondering who voted for whom.

Well, barring brief encounters with Uber drivers and Glovo delivery staff, this isn’t the best time to chat up total strangers, what with the complete and utter… lockdown.

Luckily, however, you can find out how those that live nearby have voted, thanks to Público’s excellent interactive tool that shows you the votes not just by concelho (i.e., counties, such as Lisbon, Cascais, Porto), but down to the local freguesia (i.e., parish, such as Lisbon’s Benfica, Belem, or Campo de Ourique).

We found out, for example, that the Lisbon freguesia that had the largest percentage of voters choosing a future under Ventura was Estrela. Which is interesting, considering how Ventura’s platform is not immigration-friendly and Estrela is home to a ton of foreign embassies, as well as foreign humans and foreigner-run businesses.

Also, to those wondering what Ventura was thinking inviting any Le Pens to our very left-leaning Western shores, fret not: the world-famous (at least in Lisbon, at least in November, at least with foreigners here) Web Summit had Marine Le Pen listed as a speaker in 2018! And the leftist Portuguese government pays millions of euros for the Web Summit to be here. Web Summit CEO Paddy Cosgrave thought including Le Pen would ensure “robust debate,” but then changed his mind and uninvited her.

Update Feb. 1: This article has been changed to clarify that Ana Gomes wasn’t a Socialist candidate, as despite being a member, she was not officially endorsed by the party. We regret the error and appreciate the reader who kindly pointed it out.

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