Speakeasy in Santos Docks Lisbon

RIP – Drinking with Al Capone

Speakeasy €€€

UPDATE: As of Sept. 19, the bar is still closed…

Cais de Oficinas, Armazém 115, Rocha Conde de Óbidos, Santos
213 964 257 www.speakeasy-bar.com

Feel like you’re in the movies: Speakeasy is a classy place in a shady area that a Bogard character would run. It’s a perfect place away from it all, tucked in the middle of a functioning port, with the look and feel of the kind of bar where you should quote Casablanca and feel good about dressing up for the evening.

Don’t be scared of the dark if you’re walking here, but if you’re dressed to the nines and carrying arm candy, and are not proficient with basic self-defense skills, maybe best to take a taxi. While the food can be hit or miss, Speakeasy is great for wine and light snacks, as well as very well-made gin and tonics and martinis – the bartender “gets it” – with live music almost every night, from jazz to swing to R&B.

Unfortunately, the music is mostly covers; fortunately, the musicians are always top-notch, and their taste is more Tom Waits and less Nossa Nossa. The crowd can be kinda old some nights, but always “active,” and certainly flirty.


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