Going Green: St. Patrick’s Day in Lisbon 2020

Celebrate this St.Paddy’s day at the best parties, events, and bars in Lisbon

UPDATE: Due to the Coronavirus, all St. Patrick’s Day events have been canceled.

Just because St. Patrick’s day falls on Tuesday, March 17 this year doesn’t mean Lisbon isn’t planning to celebrate this imported holiday – on the contrary.
For those of you who need an excuse to pinch a stranger and over-indulge in your favorite foamy beverage, here’s the craic.

11h30 If you want to make a nice base in your tummy to soak up all the beer you intend to drink, maybe you can stomach The Hard Rock Cafe‘s St. Paddy’s shake alongside their famous Guinness and bacon jam cheeseburger. You read that right. Can’t make it? Don’t worry. These items will stick around on the menu until March 18. You’re welcome.

12h Naturally, most of the Atlas team will be popping into O’Gilins Irish Pub’s wild party. The most authentic suarée in town will be set to live Irish music by our friends The Melting Pot and will feature a traditional Irish feast throughout the day. As is customary, the event will be going full throttle from noon until the bar closes at 02h. And judging by previous years, this festa will likely take it to the streets at that point.

St. Patrick’s favorite vegan hamming it up for the camera

17h If you haven’t been yet, now’s the time to go. The Corkman Irish Bar is hosting one rousing Irish-infested St. Paddy’s party across the river in Cacilhas. A 7-minute walk from the ferry will get you good and parched, and the walk back might be just the ticket to sober you up.

18h The Mariott is celebrating St. Patrick with “tapas & tiles,” whatever that means. One thing is for sure: if you go, you’re entitled to two free black or local pints with two sliders set to the beats of an undisclosed DJ. If you step up your game and wear something green, you might just be the winner of one of several special prizes they’ve got up their sleeves.

18h Head over to the 21 Gallas Brewpub’s St. Patrick’s Day event and drink some freshly-made green craft beer with the brewmeisters themselves. If you don a green getup, you can also enjoy their buy one get one free promotion.

19h If you’re looking to celebrate in a slightly less obvious way, Anjos70 is hosting their weekly Mundo Lingo meetup where you can perfect your Irish accent and apply it to a host of different languages for free (with a membership card, which costs 2€/year). There will be over 100 people from a variety of different countries ready to chat, practice their second, third, fourth, and so on languages, and make new friends over food and drinks. Liquid courage certainly helps when practicing a new language, so here’s your excuse.


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