Still No Decision in Portugal on UK Tourists This Summer

Portugal might see no British holidaymakers in May despite UK's green list.

The announcement by the UK government last week that Portugal would be green-listed for UK holidaymakers saw a suge in flights, bookings, and interest in the country. However, Portugal has extended its “state of calamity” until May 30th and has yet to decide what this means for British tourists.

The UK announcement means people returning from Portugal or other green-listed countries starting May 17 wouldn’t face any quarantine. As opposed to those coming from many other destinations, such as France and Spain, which are still on the “amber” list requiring 10 days locked down at home.

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What many tour operators and potential holidaymakers don’t seem to have accounted for, however, is that Portugal has its own rules and restrictions. Portugal will be extending its state of public calamity until May 30, and under current rules, flights from the UK are only for essential travel, not vacations.

That said, UK tourists are one of Portugal’s biggest markets, so there could be some flexibility announced in the coming days. This has already been seen with the as-yet unconfirmed UEFA Champions League final in Porto, which is open for fans to attend, unlike domestic games.

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