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Suco Lento

Gazpacho that will make you weak in the knees

Rua do Instituto Industrial, 7 H
211 993 084, website
Mon, 12h – 15h; Tue – Sat, 12h – 15h, 19h – 23h, closed

For lunch, this place can’t be beat, especially their gazpacho and their BBQ Pork sandwich with coleslaw. It’s as if the management has gone to the far corners of the Earth to bring back the recipes that make specific locations famous: the southern United States-style barbeque, for instance, is the real deal: hickory marinade with a smattering of smoked goodness. The cold tomato gazpacho seems to have been imported directly from Central America with a generous dab of local Portuguese olive oil to add that não sei que. Highly recommended for small groups of friends or business lunches. The bathroom is not to be missed either.

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