Supermarkets Will Soon Sell COVID-19 Self-Test Kits

It'll shortly be as easy to pick up COVID-19 self-test kits at your nearest supermarket, as it is to buy a carton of eggs or a bottle of wine.

The Portuguese government approved the sale of COVID-19 self-test kits in supermarkets this past Thursday, Jul 15, Público reports. Some grocery stores already sell them, but only in designated health areas. This new legal framework permits the sale of the kits within supermarkets and hypermarkets, as long as they ensure the tests are adequately stored as indicated by the test’s manufacturers. 

The government has yet to announce the date when the sale of the kits will go into effect, but there is the intention that by facilitating access to testing the spread of the virus will be mitigated.

This new legal-decree is announced as a growing number of municipalities that are categorized as very high risk or high risk are requiring you show your certificado digital covid-19  (COVID-19 digital certificate) or a negative test result in order to go inside restaurants on weekends or on Fridays after 19h00, according to the publication. For a full list of the municipalities where this rule is in place look here.

The certificado digital covid-19  proves that you have been vaccinated, recovered from the illness in the past six months, or that you have a negative test result. There is also the option of taking a self-test at the door of the establishment you wish to enter.

The above listed constraint is also required to enter hotels or any other type of lodging accommodation at a national level.

If you’re curious about how self-testing works check out this helpful video by the National Health Service of the UK.

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