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Supporting Atlas is supporting local, independent journalism. 

Since setting out in 2014, we have grown from a culture- and event-focused blog into an online English-language news and information source for immigrants, ex-pats, and visitors in Portugal — and not just for the English speakers — written by a rotating crew of local experts.

Supporting our work with an ongoing or one-off contribution will ensure that:

  • There is unrestricted, independent news for the English-language community in Portugal that doesn’t rely primarily on sponsored content and press releases
  • Contributors can be compensated fairly for original, first-hand reporting and editing that goes beyond machine-generated translation and typo-fixing
  • We can continue to deliver Atlas Lisboa online and explore new channels (your feedback is welcome) 
Thanks for supporting independent media. 


Atlas Lisboa strives to offer first-hand, original reporting on subjects that affect those living in Portugal. To do so,  writers must be compensated and servers kept humming!

We are always open to interesting partnerships and new ideas, so get in touch! 

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