It’s time to put the phone down and explore Lisbon with a few helpful hints from the locals.

Atlas Lisboa is a free app designed to help you plan your day around Lisbon without spending most of it on your phone… planning your day. The app covers curated events around town, including exhibits, concerts, tastings, and a whole lot more. Or choose your own adventure with a few simple selections and get notified when there’s something happening nearby. The app covers hundreds of Lisbon parks, museums, cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs, all of them tested and reviewed honestly by the Atlas team.

Ignore the hype. Go wander.



• Easy-to-read online interactive maps and flexible offline maps for download
• Upcoming hand-picked events around Lisbon and optional real-time promotions such as giveaways and discounts at local venues
Self-guided tour maps made by those in the know, from archeologists to artists
Guided tours offered by vetted professionals to small groups and with the convenience of an app!

This Atlas app can notify you of what’s in your pre-set radius so you are free to wander alone. Get unobtrusive push notifications with a brief description of curated venues around you and the specials offered to Atlas app users, and guide yourself to the things that interest you at the moment.

Or take a tour led by an industry expert in the fields of archeology, history, art, cuisine, and more.

• See potential clients on the map around you and reach them directly.
• Effortlessly announce your events with the click of a button.
Create promotions to drive traffic to your venue.
Get advertising feedback by displaying your promotions to discover what brought you the most business.
• See the number of monthly visits to your venue alongside your monthly user experience rating.

Build a tour specific to your passion and stay in control of where and when they happen. It’s up to you when you work.
Get vetted by the Atlas team and once approved, you’re ready to rock.
Notify users nearby of your location and availability and set your price.
Automatic payments go right to your pocket.

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