RIP – Taberna Maria do Correio

Simple, straightforward menu of flavor-packed pratos

Simple, straightforward menu of flavor-packed pratos

Rua Acácio de Paiva, 5D
+351 214 060 970
Mon – Sat, 12h – 22h30

For a taste of the Transmontana region, don’t miss this spot if you’re in the area. The menu has one small page of dishes to choose from, which un-complicates your selection process. Go for the bitoque with its hand-cut fries, rice, and salad, or our favorite, the tender and juicy postinhas á Mirandesa with paunched potatoes and grelos. Pair either with a jar of wine for an affordable and enjoyable meal in Alvalade, something difficult to find outside the confines of a pastelaria. With both large and small plates, this spot is a good choice for both lunch and dinner, and if you’re a vegetarian, they’ve got some options for you that sound perfectly delicious. The space may be small, but it’s welcoming and comfortable despite the rack of very sharp-looking pocket knives to the right of the door.

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