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March 4, 2020 by Bogdan Kamuta

Tamara Alves and Raquel Belli at Underdogs10

Local artist Tamara Alves has left a beautiful mark on the streets of Lisbon with her easily recognizable murals of melancholy half-naked he-/she-wolves and he-/she-foxes in various stages of violence and love.

This year Tamara has ventured inside, and her very first solo show is appropriately being hosted by underdog art gallery Underdogs10. The paintings and drawings on display focus mostly on wolves and cars, inspired in part by the sex and violence of David Cronenberg’s film Crash.

Joining Tamara in her indoor debut is local with Italian roots, mother, photographer, and visual artist Raquel Belli. Raquel has recently traveled to East Timor, where she studied and picked up the basketry and weaving techniques of its various regions. She then incorporated said techniques into her already impressive photographs.

The show is free to enter and inspiring, albeit rather small. But it’s only up until March 7th, so, if you’ve been asleep, here’s a quick look at works by both artists:

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