RIP – Taquería Patron

Mexican food just like in rural Mexico

Mexican food just like in rural Mexico

Rua do Gremio Lusitano, 8
Bairro Alto

213 461 483, website
Mon – Fri, 17h – 2h; Sat – Sun, 12h – 3h

This rather tiny taqueria in Bairro Alto is amazingly adept at squeezing a lot of people in, and its staff is fast enough to serve all of them their tequilas, mezcals, margaritas, and beers to keep everyone happy while waiting for the food. And the food is spot-on: the tacos will remind you of your first little roadside taco stand, if you’ve ever been to Mexico, or give you a proper introduction to the country’s staple snack that’s somehow constantly butchered in Portugal. The ceviches are pricy but worth it, and the starters menu is your place to turn if you want to save a bit of money but try a ton of flavors. Taquería Patron is a family affair that welcomes large groups, but even the two or three couples who were there on the night we visited seemed to enjoy their romantic evening out. A very warm vibe, amazing flavors, and a solid selection of Mexican alcohol makes this one of our top pics for this neighborhood.

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