Tasca da Memória

Don’t let the name fool you — this is an elegant version of the otherwise simpler tascas.

Travessa da Memória, 62, 1300-403 Lisboa | +351 211 566 250
Mon – Thu, 12h – 14h30, 19h – 22h; Fri – Sat, 12h – 14h30, 19h – 22h30

Located in an unassuming Lisbon neighborhood just up from Belém’s magical Botanical Garden is the richly-decorated old library-lover’s dream escape: the Tasca da Memória. This stunning restaurant is located on the ground floor of the aptly-named Wine & Books Lisboa Hotel (though access through the glass elevator in the hotel courtyard is also possible). The restaurant serves old-style recipes and promotes Portuguese culinary tradition with sophisticated twists guided by Chef Hugo Cortez Teixeira. The dishes are many and varied, but those that are particularly worth mentioning are the sardines with preserved olive oil and grilled peppers, the fried cuttlefish from Setúbal, the veal pica-pau, and our particular favorite, the black pork bochechas (cheeks) that have been marinated to tender perfection in red wine.

The wine menu is just as exciting, as it offers over 100 options. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices, just ask a member of the very friendly, highly-trained waitstaff. It’s likely they will respond in your language, whatever that may be, though the vibe might be more conducive to drinking old fashions or proper martinis, if that’s more your thing.


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