The Best of New Year’s Eve in Lisbon 2018/2019

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There’s no such thing as a good New Year’s Eve. In other words, everybody likes to do things a little bit differently. Some people like to go for an intimate dinner with friends, while others want to go clubbing until 7 am. More still like to sit by the river and watch the sky light up with festive fireworks. Basically, putting together a “Best New Year’s Eve Parties in Lisbon” list is impossible.

However, if you want to know what’s going on and avoid staying in on your own crying into your 7th glass of boxed wine, then here are some places to go and things to see on Lisboa’s New Year’s Eve 2019.


Terreiro do Paço (Praça do Comércio)

22h to 02h
This is probably the throbbing heart of Lisbon’s New Year’s Eve. Join half the city at the biggest square in the country to watch the annual fireworks display — expect a lot of green and red. On the night of the 31st the lineup in the square will be:
22h – Daniel Pereira Cristo com convidados: Tatanka, João Só and Ana Bacalhau
00h – Espetáculo Piromusical
00h15 – Richie Campbell with convidados: Original Dengaz, Mishlawi, PLUTONIO, and DJ Dadda

Damas — Passagem de Ano nas Damas: João Moço, Jerry The Cat, and 2Jack4U

23h to 6h
Damas is weird. And what better way to come into the new year than surrounded by the strangest of strangers. Their NYE party will be a mix of styles and genres including house, techno, disco, and funk. Tickets are 7,50€ before December 31st and can be purchased from Damas. Otherwise, they are 10€ on the door.

Cafe Tati — New Year’s Party

23h59 to 05h
One of the more unexpected venues for a New Year’s party, Cafe Tati is hosting an after-dinner do from “23h59 to 05h.” This isn’t just saying hello to the new year, however, but also goodbye to Tati itself, which will sadly be closing, adding yet another name to the Atlas Lisboa RIP list.

Ferroviário — New Year’s Eve Party

22h to 04h
This cozy-yet-tropical rooftop bar is generally a good bet for an evening drink, and the last night of the year looks set to be no exception with a mix of funk, soul, hip-hop, trap, RnB, and house. The lineup includes the Cais do Sodré Funk Connection, Progressivu, DJ Big, and WhyViiDee. Tickets are 25€ per person with 2 drinks, snacks, and bubbly at midnight. Buy tickets from the venue or online.

Casa Independente — Pró Ano Logo se Vê

22h to 04h
This uber-cool venue in the oh-so-hip neighborhood of Intendente is putting on three world-class DJs to take you into the new year. With multiple levels, a great garden, and a good selection of booze, it’s not a bad choice for your end-of-year blowout. Tickets can be bought before NYE for 20€, which includes 2 drinks. This is bumped to 25€ on the night, so get your tickets early from the venue. The lineup is:
Batida DJ
DJ Satelite
Rita Só

Fábrica Braço de Prata — Festa de Passagem de Ano 2019

19h to 06h
Hey, you! Yeah, the one with all the money! Perhaps this is the event for you since tickets run up to 70€. Fábrica Braço de Prata is a massive one-stop shop for any night out. For the last day of the year, they are putting on a rather extravagant night of music, food, and beverages. They offer three types of ticket: Dinner, snacks, and entry (70€); Entry and snacks (35€); and just entry (20€). For the full menu (and included drinks) check out the event’s page.
Confirmed artists:
Maria João – Ogre
Os Compotas
Havana Way
Diego El Gavi Band
Yami Aloelela
Mbye Ebrima
Bubacar Djabaté
Swing da Má Sorte
Baile Espaço Baião

LXFactory — VEGAN New Year’s Eve

21h – 02h
What stops any other New Year’s Eve party being vegan? Very little, to be honest. But, it’s cool to be cruelty-free so Olho Verde are putting on dinner and drinks to bring you into the new year with a slightly clearer conscience. The event will take place at BALNEÁRIO, third floor, unit 3.21 in LXFactory. They haven’t released the menu yet, but it will include “starters, two mains, dessert, drinks, and champagne and sultanas at midnight.” At 18€ this is an absolute steal, and despite our mickey-taking, wanting to make 2019 a little better for everyone is a noble aim.

Arroz Estudios — 2019

21h to 07h
These are the new kids on the block and are, in fact, on a completely different block since they’re based across the river in Cacilhas. They are holding their first NYE party, “2019,” with only 100 tickets available, making it a rather intimate affair. Guests must get tickets in advance since there are none being sold on the door. Watch the fireworks over the Lisbon skyline and enjoy a lineup of:
Diogo Lacerda
Arroz residents.

Sabotage Club — Mega Passagem de Ano no Sabotage

23h30 to 02h30
A lot of these events are a little fancy, with dinners, champagne, and sultanas as far as the eye can see. Not for you? Well then, as Sabotage puts it, “Why not start the year with the best of rock’n’roll?” Keep it a little more low key with this short-running party at only 10€ — and that includes two beers.

There are probably a lot of other parties happening around the city. In fact, just about every bar, club, and tasca will be partying it up. These are just some picks to get you started.

If you think there is an unmissable rager that we didn’t include, let us know in the comments below!



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