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The Final Eventus of 2020: Make Some Noise

There’s an old superstition that has in years past been taken care of by impressive firework displays over the Tejo. Basically, if you want to send the evil spirits of the previous year packing, you need to make some noise to scare them off.

This year, things will be different. There won’t be a series of concerts at Praça do Comércio nor will there be a crackling sky at midnight, so the evil spirits of 2020 might have a chance to stick around into the new year if we don’t do something about it.

Luckily, our friends at EGEAC’s Cultura na Rua have a plan that we fully support. They recommend leaning out your window or stepping onto your balcony and getting a little musical to mark the end of this very strange year. Their invitation to join in from your balcony reads, “When the twelve chimes sound, we will play with the instruments we have most at hand – glasses, cutlery, pots, pans, wooden spoon, cheese grater, mixer, the sky is the limit.”

We aren’t exactly professional musicians ourselves, but we’ll be bringing our instruments and investigating alternative methods of music-making like the water xylophone, the cigar box rubber band guitar, and the wine bottle and macaroni maracas. That’s not to say we won’t end up just running to the window with the good old pot and lid combo, but there’s still room to muse left in 2020.

Now get out there for Auld Lang Syne. Let’s stop those evil bastards from ruining 2021.

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